Oral Surgery

Wisdom Teeth

We cannot predict when complications from wisdom teeth (third molars) will arise. However, the early removal of these teeth is recommended in order to avoid any potential problems such as periodontitis in the tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth, crowding, and damage to the adjacent tooth or root. You can have your wisdom teeth removed comfortably and easily by Dr. Johnson in the Summit Dental facility.

Q: My wisdom teeth don't bother me so why do I need them out?

A: Most wisdom teeth will create trouble at some point. Therefore, it is wise to remove them at a young age before damage is done.


“I had a tooth extraction and was very anxious about the procedure. Dr. Lee and Stephanie made me feel so comfortable and calm. They both are very professional and really put me at ease. The office is beautiful and welcoming. I recommend Summit Dental to anyone looking for a dentist office – they are great! Ask for Dr. Lee and Stephanie and you’ll be happy! And by the way, the tooth extraction was a piece of cake because of them!”


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